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$ whoami

Welcome to my blog and website! Very glad you stopped by.

To introduce myself, I'm Jackson ("jksn"/"holocron"), a cybersecurity and digital forensics professional. I'm fairly new to cybersecurity, entering the field only within the past four or so years. I'm also a member of the autistic community and do my best to advocate and spread knowledge about autism and its associated comorbidities.

I started this site with the purpose of sharing information about cybersecurity and related IT fields. I've been trying to write notes more and more, since I recognize that I need to catalog my knowledge before it slips away. I make an effort to share these notes and research through my Cybersec-Notes repository and in turn through this blog.

I'd also like to share my experiences with certain security tools and processes to give others a starting point. For example, I'm looking at Atomic Red Team right now and there's some really good information out there, but I initially felt a bit lost. I'd like to help steer people in a better direction than just feeling lost.

Contact Me

You can contact me through basically any means that is listed on my Keybase profile. The PGP keys on Keybase are valid and I have access to them, so please feel free to use them for secure communications. I also utilize the Keybase Chat functionality.