Helpful Links and Resources

Helpful Links and Resources

Colleagues and friends often ask for recommendations on things that can help them out in Cyber. I've included some of my favorite things below. Want something added? Reach out!

Blog Posts/Writeups from Awesome People

Videos/Courses from Equally Awesome Humans

Books I Like

  • Anything from NoStarch Press, but I've read and loved:

    • Practical Malware Analysis
    • Practical Forensic Imaging
    • Black Hat Python
    • Grey Hat Python
    • Black Hat Go
    • The Practice of Network Security Monitoring
    • C++ Crash Course (reading this right now, loving it!)
    • Game Hacking: Developing Autonomous Bots for Online Games
  • Network Security Through Data Analysis

  • Blue Team Field Manual

  • Incident Response Playbook