About Jackson

Jackson Nestler is a cybersecurity and network operations analyst from Phoenix, Arizona. While working with a MSSP, Jackson is pursuing two degrees from University of Advancing Technology, a B.S. in Network Security and a B.S. in Technology Forensics. Jackson frequently works with blue team tools and techniques while actively studying for his CySa+ certification.

Social Media and Contacts

You can reach out to me on any of the following platforms. If my DMs are closed on some platforms, it may be best to use the contact form to get hold of me through email first, then we can coordinate a contact method.

  • Twitter – @i_jksn
  • Keybase – @jksn
    • Also contains my PGP key and several other social medias not listed here. Proofs for domains are DNS based where possible.
    • I can provide my Signal phone number over Keybase.
  • Gitlab – @jksn
  • Telegram – @i_jksn
    • As my Telegram bio suggests, Telegram is not a secure comms channel. I have it for DFIR and CyberSec groups. If you need to contact me securely, Keybase or Signal is your best bet.
  • Email: see the contact page on this site.